9-29-15 September 29, 2015
Tuesday September 29, 2015 '9-29-15'

A. Competitor

Back squat: 5×7@70%. After each set of squats, perform 1 MU complex (7 ring pull-ups/5 MUs/3 dips. Fight to stay on the rings for the entire complex).

Deficit RDLS 5×5(AHAP)

B. Regular

20 minutes(running clock) to establish a max for the day of:
2 hang cleans+1 jerk
*If you find your max before the 20 minutes expires, turn it into an EMOM for the remaining time*

3 rounds: (20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest):
Hollow rocks
Toe touches
KB obliques(L)
KB obliques(R)
Abmat sit-ups