Rafiq Gunthorpe

Head Coach

Former Division I football player at the University of Delaware.  After college I continued to train and workout as if I had a shot at the NFL, and I didn’t.  Spending easily 2 hours in the gym 5 days a week with minimal results I was introduced to CrossFit through a co-worker in 2010. I began to implement some of the movements into my workout and noticed a huge change in my body.  In late 2012, just like a lot of CrossFit enthusiast, I became hooked! Disappointed in my performance with one particular hero WOD, “Fran”, I committed to taking my CrossFit training to the next level. Being introduced to the CrossFit community has not only changed my outlook on fitness, but also maximized my body’s potential.  Now I am less concerned what my body looks like but more concerned with what my body can do. Reaching my own personal strength and fitness goal has inspired me to become a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and USAW level 1 Sports Performance Coach.  After a few short months of training, all of my clients transitioned into the CrossFit style of training.  Due to the overwhelming demand, I was able to become a CrossFit Affiliate.  Now as the proud owner of CrossFit Route 5, I am committed to providing first class training in the Southern Maryland region.